Friday, 10 October 2008

My school

I think alot of schools are boring like my first school (St.James), it was sooooo boring. The teachers shouted at us for getting things wrong. The school I go to now, Sackville (private school) is a whole lot better, mostly cause of activities on friday like golf, and the lessons are 100% better than St.James. Though the lunches could be better.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Fifa 09 vs Pes 09

Some of you who reads this will probaly think this is boring, but I like gaming.
This is my first blog and its on fifa 09.
I haven't actualy got fifa 09 but soon I should have it. But from what I hear, its a great game. Great graphics, better gameplay and new features. With one of my friends were having a dispute between pes 09 and fifa 09 (pes is pro evolution soccer) but between pes 08 and fifa 08, fifa wins that by a long shot. pes 08 only had 2 proper teams in the premier league, but pes 08 got better when the passing system was great. Overall pes 08 was not good and fifa 08 was quite good. fifa 09 is going to be better because it only has four teams with unofficial kits!!! so pes 09 has alot to live up to. Some people rekon there is no point in getting pes 09. I am a fifa fan but thats what I like. When I get fifa 09, I will say what its like. Which one do you like?